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Other Custom Waterproofing Solutions

Pipe Penetration Sealing

Another common issue of seepage in a basement is where the foundation has been cut for sewage piping of electrical lines entering into the basement.  With the ground constantly shifting, piping and other penetrations into the foundation will eventually need sealing.

Pipe Penetration Seal

Window Well Repair System

This is an economical approach compared to installing a drainage system. We will dig out approximately 1-2 feet of dirt and install medium-sized rocks to allow the water to be absorbed into the earth.

Window Wells fill up with leaves and muck over the years, not allowing it to drain when water comes in.
A Flood Pros Technician will dig out the window well almost 2 feet down.
All Clean!
We then fill the window well with pea gravel. This will allow the water to drain into the ground and away from the window.