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Mold Damage Restoration Experts

Safe Mold Remediation Options

Count on the experts at Flood Pros Disaster Restoration Services to provide professional mold damage restoration and remediation services. We will detect the source and isolate the area to address the issue. Since mold spores rely on moisture to spread, any indoor water exposure can promote its growth and lead to damages as well as harmful allergens and irritants.

While mold cannot be completely removed from an indoor environment, trust us to decrease it to its naturally low amount. We have the knowledge and equipment to properly address the problem.
Mold Damaged Wall

Comprehensive, Customized Solutions

Flood Pros Disaster Restoration Services will follow our tried and true method of handling mold damage.

  • Examination: We will speak to you and perform an on-site examination to determine the amount of mold and where it is occurring. We can then determine a plan of action for mold remediation.
  • Testing: Flood pros can perform air quality testing to determine the amounts and types of mold present. Air Quality Testing.
  • Protect: Unaffected content and structure will be removed from the work zone and/or covered with plastic to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Contain: We will utilize our techniques to contain the mold to prevent its growth.
  • Remove: Technicians determine what materials are restorable and will remove whatever structure of the content is not. This may also include disposing of any affected materials from your property such as carpeting, drywall, etc.
  • HEPA: Remaining surfaces are vacuumed using HEPA filtration to remove the remaining mold spores.
  • Clean: We will thoroughly clean and sanitize the affected area and items which can be restored using both antimicrobial and mold stain removers. This process will help to remove any odors.
  • Restore: Structural materials may be treated to stop the spreading of mold spores. We will handle any additional repairs needed to get your property back in order after our remediation process.