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Mold Testing

Improve the Air Quality of Your Home

It is evident that every home has some kind of mold or will in the future. At low levels, this may be any cause for concern. However, when levels increase, this could lead to very harmful allergens and irritants. Air quality testing will determine the overall levels of allergens and allow the professionals at Flood Pros Disaster Restoration to create a necessary plan of action.
Air Quality

Our Process

Flood Pros Disaster Restoration Services will visit your home.  We will take multiple samples from both inside and outside of your home.  The samples take approximately 15 minutes per sample, usually taking us 45-60 minutes to complete the air quality testing.  These samples are sent to  a lab for microscopic analysis.
The lab will have the results back to Flood Pros usually in a 2 week turnover time. Our General Manager will then meet with you to go over the results.  You are able to see for yourself, if the levels in your home are equal to or lower than the levels outside the home then you have no problem. If the indoor samples are much higher than the outside sample that is an indicator of a problem that needs remediation.