Water seepage can be a sign of the need for basement waterproofing or foundation repair


Foundation Wall Crack

Basement wall cracks are the most common source of seepage in poured concrete foundations. The cracks are mostly caused by stress, settling or shrinkage during the concrete curing process.

Most basement wall cracks are hairline, usually less than 1/8” wide, and run vertically or diagonally from the top of the foundation wall down to the bottom. They tend to go all the way through the wall and this is why they leak.

In general, the structural integrity of the foundation is fine with most cracks. However, those that tend to be wider than 1/8”, or run horizontally or stair step on the foundation wall, could potentially be problematic.


Foundation Crack Repair

The solution to permanently repairing cracks in your poured concrete basement walls.

The Flood Pro’s Crack Repair System contains a very thin urethane which travels all the way through the wall. Once in the wall and beyond, it expands and plugs. The resulting foam barrier permanently stops the flow of water. The benefits of the expanding foam include:

  • Filling of the wall completely, not just on the surface.
  • Very fine cracks are plugged.
  • Any voids behind the wall are also filled, adding additional protection.
  • Flood Pro’s foam is flexible, adapting to natural movement of your wall.
  • Flood Pro’s foam will not shrink over time thus providing permanent protection.

Flood Pro’s Crack Repair System works because proper basement repair requires filling of the crack completely.

Repairs done only on the surface will crack again.

Give yourself peace of mind with Flood Pros

Repairing cracks is an essential step before finishing your basement.

Stops leaks by searching out all voids and filling the crack completely through to the soil.

If your basement is finished, we will be glad to give you a free estimate of the cost of removing a wall or other obstruction, prior to making the crack repair and reconstructing the wall. We have highly skilled and experienced carpenters on staff.



Accurate Estimate: we assess your specific needs and tailor the proposal for you.

No Hidden Costs: We give you comprehensive options that fit within your budget.

Fast Turnaround: we provide a detailed written proposal