Water Removal/Drying - Available 24/7/365

There is no more advanced system anywhere for your home, office or commercial space.

FLOOD PROS is the latest in water extraction and drying. We bring our gear right to your door, do the job from start to finish and return your home to pre-loss condition.

FLOOD PROS utilizes the Vortex Drying System, which is widely recognized as one of the industry's premier structural drying processes and is used for handling even the worst water and flood disasters. Plus, we can be at your home, office or commercial space quickly after you call... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Smoke and Fire Damage

Smoke damage goes deep

Flood Pros provides complete mitigation and restoration from smoke damage. We know the deep, penetrating damage that is left after the disaster of fire occurs. Smoke and soot leave an acrid odor and lasting damage to walls, carpets, air ducts and vents. After the fire is put out and the fire trucks leave, we’re ready to clean and restore your home or business.

Smoke and soot penetrate and become trapped in walls and ducts, carpets, drapes, upholstery, furniture and household metal and porcelain fixtures. Smoke odor and residue can cause deep, corrosive damage in just a few days. It must be professionally removed before cleaning and deodorizing. Otherwise, its odor will remain and can last for years.

Our method is thorough and complete

Flood Pros’s smoke mitigation and removal method is the best in the business. We properly deodorize first and then thoroughly clean all affected areas and items.

Our approach to repairing smoke damage is thorough and complete. Our method includes all aspects of mitigation and restoration with the following services:

  • Restoration from damage caused by fire
  • Cleaning of all fire damage
  • Cleaning of all structural elements
  • Cleaning of household and business contents
  • Cleaning of ducts
  • Removal of soot
  • Removal and cleaning of smoke residue
  • Cleaning of floors
  • Removal of odor
  • Ozone treatment
  • Content inventory and cleaning (on-site or off premises as needed)
  • Roof board-up and tarping

Mold Removal and Air Quality Testing

Mold is everywhere!

Flood Pros provides professional mold remediation and restoration services. We know why mold enters a home or building and grows, and we have the knowledge and equipment to properly address the problem.

Mold spores require moisture to spread and grow. Water exposure anywhere indoors can promote the growth of mold in just a few days, and the longer it’s left untreated the more damage it will cause. Mold damages property and it can create harmful allergens and irritants.

A roof leak, a plumbing leak or any other source of water can cause an outbreak of mold. First, we detect the source of moisture, then we isolate affected areas and fix the problem.

Keep in mind that mold spores are everywhere in nature. We can’t get rid of them entirely and there will always be a few in your home or building. However, our remediation process will return mold back to a naturally low amount.

A complete Method for mold

Flood Pros will investigate your mold problem and come to a comprehensive, customized solution. We follow our tried and true method,

Examine: Talking to you, followed by an on-site examination to determine the amount of mold growth and the surfaces where it’s occurring. Then we’ll know what resources and equipment are required. We can detect hidden sources of water and mold.

Contain: We will apply techniques to contain the spread of mold, using special vacuums and other equipment to stop the spread of mold spores during remediation.

Remove: We apply treatments to remove mold colonies and to help prevent new ones from forming. We may need to remove and dispose of mold-infested materials such as carpeting, drywall, floors and other materials.

Clean: We carefully clean and sanitize everything infested by mold, including furniture, curtains, clothing, and all other items that can be restored. Our cleaning processes will remove odors from items and rooms.

Restore: We’ll undertake the repairs required to put your home or business back in order after a remediation. This may require replacing drywall, plastering, painting, and laying new carpet.

Air Duct Cleaning

Good quality air requires clean air ducts

Proper functioning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems requires clean and well-maintained air ducts. Flood Pros works with air duct systems in homes and businesses, ensuring high quality performance with regular maintenance.

HVAC systems are sometimes allowed to operate for years without proper attention. This often leads to circulating odors, dust and other contaminates throughout buildings and homes. A ventilation system that is not clean and well maintained is often the cause of poor indoor air quality.

Here are a few of the benefits of air duct cleaning:

  • Helps to restore and raise the efficiency of HVAC systems;
  • Help to eliminate bad odors throughout homes and buildings;
  • Helps to reduce mold growth and the circulation of dust and allergens.

Good air quality is our business

Flood Pros’s air duct cleaning service will save you money and give you cleaner air to breathe. We routinely inspect HVAC systems and air ducts to keep them clean to extend the life of the equipment.

Of course, duct cleaning is not always necessary. We’ll first make an inspection, then give you recommendations about the best way to address indoor air quality issues. Our concern is to save you money and provide peace of mind about your HVAC system.

Please call to tell us your HVAC concerns and learn more about air duct cleaning.

Full Service Waterproofing

Seeping is a common problem in basements

Common seepage issues come from cracking in your foundation walls or water seepage where floor meets the wall.

Drain Tiling

We provide two options for drain tiling: installed on the side of the basement footer or installed on top of the basement footer.

Process and Benefits of Flood Pros Foundation Crack Repair 

  1.   In person inspection from a certified technician to go over Waterproofing needs.
  2.   Prep the crack in the wall remove any debris from the crack or prior sealant. 
  3.   Once crack is prepped, small plastic injection ports are places on the crack.
  4.   A two part epoxy is applied to the crack itself and around the ports to secure them.
  5.   Injection is started from the bottom port all the way to the top port.  Urethane going through the foundation wall.
  6.   Urethane foams up inside the wall cavity to permanently seal.
  7.   A lifetime guarantee is offered in most cases if the wall crack has not been previously repaired.  Some restrictions may apply.

Let Flood Pros give you a free assesment and get your basement dry!!

Customer Testimonials

water extraction and drying, Services
Steve & Kristine F

We just wanted to extend a big ‘THANK YOU’ to you and your staff for everything that you have done for us! We are absolutely thrilled with our experience in having Flood Pros attend to, fix, and repair the water damage we had in our master bathroom. We will definitely keep Flood Pros in mind for future contracting jobs needed at our house!

Michelle Lundsten

The service & professionalism from Flood Pros was top notch. Daniel came immediately to help, checked on progress every day, and made a stressful situation so much more bearable. Thank you!

Mike Frank of State Farm Insurance

Hands down the best restoration company in No IL and So WI. Not only have they helped numerous clients of mine, but also me personally. Fast, reliable and honest service. I was out of town and had an issue come up at my business. They are trustworthy enough to where I gave them a key to gain access for an after hour’s sewage backup emergency without a second though, and POOF – the next day my tenant and my team said they couldn’t even tell anything had happened. Mickey and his team are amazing!


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